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Leen van Wijngaarden (Netherlands)
Kazimierz Sobczyk (Poland)

Sectional Lectures
SL1 Multibody dynamics: bridging for multidisciplinary applications J. Ambrosio (Portugal)
SL2 Rapid formation of strong gradients and
diffusion in the transport of scalar and vector fields
K. Bajer (Poland)
SL3 (MS5) Near-critical point hydrodynamics and microgravity D. Beysens (France)
SL4Suspensions: from micromechanics to macroscopic behavior J. F. Brady (USA)
SL5 (MS3) Nanoscale mechanics of biological materials H.-J. Gao (USA/Germany)
SL6Variational and multiscale methods in turbulence T. J. R. Hughes (USA)
SL7 Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics using molecular theory R. Keunings (Belgium)
SL8Nonlinear dynamics in ocean engineering E. Kreuzer (Germany)
SL9 A bridge between the micro - and mesomechanics of laminates: fantasy or reality P. Ladeveze (France)
SL10 Turbulence and large-eddy simulations M. Lesieur (France)
SL11 Probability phenomena in perturbed dynamical systems A. Neishtadt (Russia)
SL12Mechanics of rubberlike solids R. W. Ogden (UK)
SL13 (MS1) Some issues in active vibration control of smart structures A. Preumont (Belgium)
SL14 (MS6)Ocean circulation and its influence on climate P. B. Rhines (USA)
SL15 (MS2) Microviscoelasticity of cells: cells as viscoplastic bodies E. Sackmann (Germany)
SL16 (MS4)Electrokinetics & electrohydrodynamics in microfluidics D. A. Saville (USA)
SL17 Problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics E. A. Spiegel (USA)
SL18Scaling in quasi-2D turbulence experiments in a rotating flow H. L. Swinney (USA)

(MS#) - the lecturers associated with the corresponding Mini-Symposia

Mini Symposia
MS1 Smart materials and structures N. Sottos (USA), Chair
J. Holnicki-Szulc (Poland), Co-Chair
MS2 Tissue, cellular and molecular biomechanics P. Janmey (USA), Chair
D. Barthès-Biesel (France), A. Hoger (USA), Co-Chairs
MS3 Mechanics of thin films and nanostructures K.S. Kim (USA), Chair
Z. Suo (USA), H.M. Jensen (Denmark), Co-Chairs
MS4Microfluidics P. Tabeling (France), Chair
R.J. Adrian (USA), J. Santiago (USA), Co-Chairs
MS5 Microgravity flow phenomena J.C. Legros (Belgium), Chair
P. Neitzel (USA), J.I.D. Alexander (USA), Co-Chairs
MS6Atmosphere and ocean dynamics J. Sommeria (France), Chair
M.E. McIntyre (UK), Co-Chair

Pre-Nominated Sessions

Fluid Mechanics

Sessions: FM
FM1 Biological fluid dynamics FM14 Flow in thin films
FM2 Boundary layers FM15 Fluid mechanics of materials processing
FM3 Combustion and flames FM16 Fluid mechanics of suspensions
FM4 Complex and smart fluids FM17 Granular flows
FM5 Compressible flow FM18 Low-Reynolds-number flow
FM6 Computational fluid dynamics (jointly with IACM) FM19 Magnetohydrodynamics
FM7 Convective phenomena FM20 Multiphase flows
FM8 Drops and bubbles FM21 Solidification and crystal growth
FM9 Environmental fluid dynamics FM22 Stirring and mixing
FM10 Experimental methods in fluid mechanics FM23 Topological fluid mechanics
FM11 Flow control FM24 Turbulence
FM12 Flow in porous media FM25Vortex dynamics
FM13 Flow instability and transition FM26Waves

Solid Mechanics

Sessions: SM
SM1 Computational solid mechanics (jointly with IACM) SM15 Mechanics of porous materials
SM2 Contact and friction mechanics (jointly with IAVSD) SM16 Mechatronics
SM3 Control of structures SM17 Multibody dynamics
SM4 Damage mechanics SM18 Plasticity and viscoplasticity
SM5 Dynamic plasticity of structures SM19 Plates and shells (jointly with IACM)
SM6 Elasticity SM20 Rock mechanics and geomechanics
SM7 Experimental methods in solid mechanics SM21 Solid mechanics in manufacturing
SM8 Fatigue SM22 Stability of structures
SM9 Fracture and crack mechanics (jointly with ICF) SM23 Stochastic micromechanics
SM10 Functionally graded materials SM24 Structural optimization (jointly with ISSMO)
SM11 Impact and wave propagation SM25 Structural vibrations
SM12 Material instabilities SM26 Vehicle dynamics
SM13 Mechanics of composites SM27 Viscoelasticity and creep
SM14 Mechanics of phase transformations (jointly with IACM)

Topics involving both fluid mechanics and solid mechanics

Sessions: FSM
FSM1 Acoustics
FSM2 Chaos in fluid and solid mechanics
FSM3 Continuum mechanics
FSM4 Fluid-structure interaction
FSM5 Mechanics of foams and cellular materials
FSM6 Multiscale phenomena in mechanics
FSM7 Education in mechanics