Mini Symposium
MS6 Atmosphere and ocean dynamics Chair: Joel Sommeria (France), Co-Chair: M.E. McIntyre (UK)

The dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans is a field of high practical relevance, because of growing concern about climate change and other environmental problems. Although environmental issues involve complex interactions with biological and human activity, mechanics is still at the heart of the Earth system and therefore at the heart of the subject. The modeling of turbulence and other chaotic nonlinear effects is often the limiting factor in our prediction capability. Various process of wave interaction, wave-vortex interaction, turbulent transport and mixing need to be better understood. More general issues, about the symbiosis of data and models and the predictability and controllability of complex systems, need also to be addressed. Such problems tend to be hidden by the complexity of operational numerical models and observational technology. Because of this complexity, and the difficulty in validating predictions, there is a need for the kind of disciplined and precise thinking that is so well exemplified by the great traditions in theoretical and applied mechanics. We solicit papers presenting new research results within this broad area. More...

Sectional Lecture
SL14 (MS6) Ocean circulation and its influence on climate P. B. Rhines (USA)

Introductory lectures
Code Title Name Date From To Lec.Room
MS6-I1 Wave-vortex interactions in the atmosphere and oceans, with applications to climate O. Bokhove (Netherlands)                    
MS6-I2 Transport and mixing in the atmosphere P. H. Haynes (UK)                    
MS6-I3 Data assimilation into numerical models of the atmospheric and oceanic circulation O. Talagrand (France)