Pre-Nominated Session
SM15Mechanics of porous materials Chairs: W. Ehlers (Germany), J. M. Huyghe (Netherlands)

Porous Media are defined as porous solid materials, where the pore spaces are filled with pore-fluids (liquids and/or gases). Consequently, the mechanics of porous materials does not only cover the solid behaviour but also the pore-fluids and the coupling of the solid and the fluid phases. In case of biomechanics and geomechanics of clayey soils, there are further fields to be taken into consideration stemming from chemical and electrical phenomena. The session welcomes paper submissions from all fields of porous media approaches like "continuum mechanics of porous media", "microscopic modelling and homogenisation methods" or theoretical and numerical applications to "geomechanics", "mechanics of foamed materials" and "biomechanics of soft and hard tissues".              

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