Pre-Nominated Session
SM24 Structural optimization (jointly with ISSMO) Chairs: K. K. Choi (USA), J. Herskovits (Brazil)

Modern design techniques seek the best design to perform the desired tasks. Structural Optimization deals with the optimal design of structural elements and systems employed in several engineering fields. It was first applied in the aerospace industry, where reducing the structural weight is of utmost importance. Nowadays, use of Structural Optimization is rapidly growing in automotive, aeronautical, mechanical, civil, nuclear, naval, and off-shore engineering. This is due to the increase of technological competition and the development of strong and efficient techniques for several practical applications. These techniques integrate CAD tools for geometric modeling, general analysis methods, like the finite element method, and methods of design sensitivity analysis with mathematical programming or optimality criteria methods. The increasing speed and capacity of digital computers makes large-scale structural optimization possible and profitable in large number of applications.
Contributions are invited covering all basic techniques and a large set of applications, with particular interest on micro, nano and biomechanics applications as well as smart and graded materials. More ....


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