Pre-Nominated Session
SM16Mechatronics Chairs: W. O. Schiehlen (Germany), M. Tomizuka (USA)

Mechatronics pursue the synergy achieved through the integration of mechanical, electrical, and information technologies in the design, manufacture and operation of engineering systems. Synergies may be in terms of performance, physical dimension, cost, power efficiency, time for development, dealing with complexity, and so on. Topics relevant to mechatronics include modelling, control and simulation of engineering systems based on mechanical structures with actuators and sensors, embedding computing hardware and software as well as design and integration methodologies for mechatronic devices and machines, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and human-machine interfaces and haptics. Contributions may also be related to mechatronic solutions applied to specific engineering systems: automotive systems, biomedical systems, robots, hard disk drives, and all kind of motion and vibration control systems.              

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