6FP Integrated Project - Priority 3 NMP

New Automotive components Designed for and manufactured by Intelligent processing of light Alloys
Contract No. NMP2-CT-2006-026563-2

1.05.2006 - 30.04.2010

NADIA will exploit the potential of light multifunctional alloys for car and truck components and systems through advances in nano & micro technologies. NADIA includes 24 Partners, and covers, into 8 WPs, the full design & production chain for automotive: materials producers & equipment suppliers, engineering & design companies, foundries, component & car manufacturers, linked with RTD centers & Universities, focussed on materials, processing, engineering, application. NADIA provides an integrated combination of materials, processes and the new NM2 simultaneous engineering tools for the production of automotive demonstrators. More ....

Partner no 13
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

Resp.: Tomasz A. Kowalewski
IPPT PAN, Pawinskiego 5B
PL 02-106 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48-22-8269803; Fax: +48-22-8269815

NADIA - internal documents

METRO - Leonardo da Vinci project, 1.1.2005 - 30.6.2006

Department of Mechanics and Physics of Fluids

T.A. Kowalewski, May 12, 2006