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 THURSDAY May 6, 1999  
 8.10-8.30 Opening
S1.K18.30-9.00 Keynote Lecture: Phase Methods of Fringe Pattern Analysis

Malgorzata Kujawinska

S1.019.00-9.20Application of Moire Technique for Model Deformation Measurements in Large Scale Wind Tunnels

D. Pallek, P.H. Baumann, K.A. Buetefisch, J. Kompenhans

S1.029.20-9.40Prospects of X-Ray Microtomography for Studies of Composite Materials

R. Pyrz

S1.039.40-10.00Deformations Control and Measurement with the Help of Speckles

V.I. Lachno, A.A. Prijemko, I.A. Eksperiandova


Coffee Break

S2.0410.30-10.50Shape Deformation Analysis of Rail Car Brakes with Using Image Processing Techniques

P. Bogus, S. Bocian

S2.0510.50-11.10Interferometric Techniques for Measuring Flow Velocity Fields

P. Arroyo, P. Alvarez, N. Andrs, M. Quintanilla

S2.0611.10-11.30Conversion of Displacement/Strain Full-Field Experimental Data into FEM

L. Salbut, M. Kujawinska, R.Sitnik

S2.0711.30-11.50Pedagogical Application of Photoelastodynamics for Solid Mechanics and Dynamics of Structures

Y. Gourinat, A.S. Pramono

S2.0811.50-12.10PIV, LIF and 3D-PIV Measurements Applied on the Wake Behind a Sphere

J. Nunez v. Voigt, A. Ziemann, H.E. Fiedler

S2.0912.10-12.30Ultrasonic Computer Tomography Technologies in Solid Mechanics

V.V. Koshovy



S3.K214.00-14.30 Keynote Lecture: Active Vision in Optical Metrology

Wolfgang Osten

S3.1014.30-14.50Flow-Regime Discrimination in Bubble Columns Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography

R. M. West, M. A. Bennett, X. Jia, S. P. Luke, K. L. Ostrowski, R. A. Williams

S3.1114.50-15.10Tomographic Measurement Techniques- Visualization of Multiphase Flows.

M. Lörcher, D. Schmitz, D. Mewes

S3.1215.10-15.30Measurement of Temperature of Drops when in Flight

F. Hervy, F. Feuillebois

S3.1315.30-15.50Strain Solitary Wave Evolution in Finite Nonlinearly Elastic Solid Rods

G.V. Dreiden, A.V. Porubov, A.M. Samsonov, I.V. Semenova

S3.1415.50-16.10Industry Control of Geometrical Parameters of Railway Wheels by Videogrammetric Method

S.D. Fonov, V.P. Koulesh, V.D. Vermel, V.F.Zabolujev


Coffee Break

S4.1516.45-17.00Morphological Detection and Feature-Based Classification of Cracked Regions in Ferrites

M. Nieniewski, L. Chmielewski, A. Józwik, M. Sklodowski

S4.1617.00-17.15Creating Colour Tables for the Exploratory Data Analysis

S. Nikiel

S4.1717.15-17.30Ultrasoud Transducer Vibration Measurements with an Image Pattern Recognition Application

M. Vaida, A. Suciu, T. Moldovan

S4.1817.30-17.45Videogrammetric System for Measurements of Movement and Deformation of Real-Scaled Helicopter Rotor Blades

S.Bosnyakov, V. Koulesh, A. Morozov, N. Tarasov, S. Fonov

S4.1917.45-18.00Limits of Division Non-Metallic Engaging-Mettalic Mould in the Composition Material of the Granule B4C-(Ti-Ni-Mo)

V.Y. Belousov, G.N. Dubrovskaya, N.V. Olekseenko

  19.00-21.30 OPERA: Béla Bartók TEATR
   FRIDAY May 7, 1999  
S5.K38.30-9.00 Keynote Lecture: Image Processing Problems in Fluid Mechanics

Ian Grant

S5.209.00-9.20Measurement of Mixing of a Passive Scalar in a Turbulent Pipe by PIV and LIF

J. Westerweel, L. Aanen

S5.219.20-9.40High-Speed Digital and Video Recording of Fast Events for Motion Analysis

D. Thomas, W. Majewski

S5.229.40-10.00Video Recording of Fast and Ultrafast Events

B. Stasicki, G.E.A. Meier


Coffee Break

S6.2310.30-10.50Simultaneous DPIV Measurements of Two-Phase Particle-Liquid Flow

J. Bolinder, Wu Zhi Lei, L. Fuchs

S6.2410.50-11.10Principal Components Analysis for PIV Applications

A. Cenedese, A. Pocecco, G. Querzoli

S6.2511.10-11.30Advanced Evaluation Methods in PIV

T. Dewhirst, J. Kompenhans, M. Raffel, O. Ronneberger

S6.2611.30-11.50Comparative Study of Correlation-Based PIV Evolution Methods

R. Fei, L. Gui, W. Merzkirch

S6.2711.50-12.10Applying Feature Based Tracking to Particle Image Velocimetry

J. Verestóy

S6.2812.10-12.30Conditional PIV Analysis of a Jet in a Cross Flow

R. Camussi, A. Stella, T. Kowalewski, G. Guj, F. Stella



S7.K414.00-14.30 Keynote Lecture: Quantitative Infrared Thermography and Convective Heat Transfer Measurements

Giovanni Maria Carlomagno

S7.2914.30-14.50Enhancement of Thermographic Images Quality Using Pyrosignal Digital Frame-by-Frame Processing

I. Bozhenko, Z. Hrytskiv, P. Kondratov

S7.3014.50-15.10Using Liquid Crystals for Analyzing Thermofluiddynamical Processes in Liquids during Pressurization

M. Pehl, F. Werner, A. Delgado

S7.3115.10-15.30Heat Transfer Measurements in Heat Exchangers by Liquid Crystal Thermography

J. Stasiek, G. Tanda, M. Ciofalo

S7.3215.30-15.50Quantitative Analysis of Melting by Image Processing Technique

J. Goscik

S7.3315.50-16.10Visualization of Heat Transfer Enhancement Regions Modified by the Interraction of Inclined Impinging Jets into Crossflow

E. Fornalik, Yu. Yamamoto, Wei Chen, K. Nakabe, K. Suzuki


Coffee Break

S8.K517.00-17.30 Keynote Lecture: Digital Holography and Holographic Interferometry

Thomas M. Kreis

S8.3417.30-17.50 Performance Evaluation of an Optical Flow Technique for Particle Image Velocimetry

G. M. Quénot

S8.3517.50-18.10New Algorithms in Particle Tracking Velocimetry

K. Ohmi, L. Yu, S. Joshi

S8.3618.10-18.30PIV Animation of Turbulent Flows from 2-D Inclined Rectangular Prisms

Y.-H. Lee, J.-W. Choi, Y.-C. Im, K.-T. Song

S8.3718.30-18.45A 3D PTV Technique for Granular Medium in Liquids

V. Latard, Y. Brunet, A. Merlen

S8.3818.45-19.00Optical Flow Technique Used to Characterise the Flow Inside Different Cavities Interacting with a Boundary Layer

A. Elcafsi, A. Rambert, P. Gougat

S8.3919.00-19.15Particle Resuspension Characterization by Optical Methods

A. Rambert, L. Huber, P. Gougat

   SATURDAY May 8, 1999  
S9.40.08.10-8.30 Image Processing in Quantitative Evaluation of Two-Phase Problems

T. A. Kowalewski

S9.408.30-8.50Pattern Recognition Analysis of a Turbulent Separated Flow with DPIV

F. Scarano, M.L. Riethmuller

S9.418.50-9.10Measurement of Translation and Rotational Velocity of a Sphere in Stokes Flow

N. Lecoq, R. Anthore, M.L. Ekiel-Jezewska, F. Feuillebois

S9.429.10-9.30Digital Microgram Processing in Tribodiagnostics

F. Zuzk, P. Mautner

S9.439.30-9.50Combinatorial 3-D Sequencing Theory and Methods in Applied Mechanics

V.V. Riznyk


Coffee Break

S10.K710.30-11.00 Keynote Lecture: Differential Interferometry or Shearography, Use in Fluid Mechanics and in Solid Mechanics. A Long Story.

Paul Smigielski

S10.4411.00-11.20A Fast Ray Algorithm for Visualizing Medical Image Data

E. Schuster, T. Lorang, M. Gengler, M. Prinz

S10.4511.20-11.40A Three-Dimensional Point Localization Technique

D. Ircha, T.A. Kowalewski, A. Cybulski, R. Krajewski

S10.4611.40-12.00Vision-Based Device for In-Vivo Measurement of Elasto-Mechanical Properties of Soft Organic Tissues

V. Vuskovic, R. Blaser, A. Spiga

S10.4712.00-12.20Computer-Aided Simulation for Interaction between Prosthesis and Femur

V. Narkevich

S10.4812.20-12.40Using Continuum Mechanics Operators for Detection and Quantification of Evolving Processes in 3D Medical Images

D. Rey, H. Delingette, G. Subsol, N. Ayache

S10.4912.40-13.00The Quaternionic Fourier Transform and its Applications in Texture Segmentation

T. Buelow

S10.5013.00-13.20Application of Anisotropic Methods of Image Processing at Research of Aircraft Model with the Help of Pressure Sensitive Paint

A. N. Morozov

Increase of Accuracy of Pressure Sensitive Paint Method by Means of Radiation Self-Illumination Account

A.N. Morozov, P.A. Smirnov

 13.20-13.30 CLOSING  
 13.30-15.00 LUNCH