Theoretical Foundations of Biomechanics
ABIOMED Lecture Notes 7
P. Niederer
IPPT PAN, CoE ABIOMED, Warsaw 2005
62 pages
ISSN 1733-0874
Price: 25 €

Excerpt from the Author's preface


This text is meant to serve as an introduction and overview for students with an interest in biomechanics. Its purpose is to demonstrate the wide range of mathematical principles and procedures which are necessary to cover the enormously large field of biomechanics which extends from molecular to macroscopic dimensions. Mathematical rigor and completeness of theories including the derivation of formulas are thereby not in the foreground, rather, it is attempted to present the material in a concise, easy to follow fashion and provide the student with a working knowledge. It is however assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic principles of analysis and linear algebra.

Biomechanics, as an interdisciplinary field, has numerous connections and overlapping areas with mathematics and physics on the one hand, and with biology, physiology, pathophysiology as well as clinical medicine on the other. Even a partial treatment of the subject is hardly possible for one single author. Accordingly, this text contains selected material which covers basic theoretical principles of general validity as well as specific applications serving as illustrative examples without going into details.

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