Blood Flow Modelling and Diagnostics
ABIOMED Lecture Notes 6
T.A. Kowalewski[ed.]
IPPT PAN, CoE ABIOMED, Warsaw 2005
508 pages
ISSN 1733-0874
Price: 40 €

Excerpt from the Editor's preface


The present volume contains set of invited articles concerning the most recent advances in the above topics and selected research papers presented during the workshop as contributed papers. The lecture notes are ordered in the way facilitating understanding complexity of the cardio-vascular circulatory system. The book starts with a general description of blood properties, followed with an overview of peculiarities of the circulatory system and description of experimental methods used by fluid mechanicians to analyse the blood flow. Another view on the cardiovascular diagnostic is brought by the ultrasound technique (USD). Highlights of its recent advances offering high precision measurements are described in the book. The last two review papers demonstrate growing potential of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in resolving extremely complex flow configurations of the cardiovascular systems. Seven contributed papers complete the book offering up to date research examples in the modelling and diagnostics of cardiovascular systems.


Table of contents