Tissue Remodelling - Proceedings of the Advanced Course ACTR'04
Warsaw, 22-25th June 2004

ABIOMED Lecture Notes 3
J. Piekarski (Ed.)
IPPT PAN, CoE ABIOMED, Warsaw 2004
391 pages
ISSN 1733-0874
Price: 40 €

Excerpt from the Editor's preface

Advanced Course of Tissue Remodeling (ACTR) has been chaired by Professor Telega. He proposed the formula of the course and has invited leading Polish and foreign researchers, who have presented the modern state-of-the-art and main research topics related to tissue remodeling. The course was a successful event. It attracted over 40 participants, mainly from Poland, but also from other European countries. Eleven key-note lectures, and several contributed papers have been presented.


The present volume contains a set of review articles concerning the topics outlined above. With a wealth of experimental facts, theoretical insights and computational results, not to mention the exhaustive bibliography reference lists, these articles will certainly prove to be useful for all interested in studying tissue remodeling problems.

Table of Contents

  1. S. Cowin, Reading Bones: Insights into the Modeling of Bone Morphogenesis, Growth and Adaptation
  2. S. Cowin, Mechanosensory Mechanisms in Bone
  3. W. Glinkowski, Clinical Evaluation of Bone Remodeling and Related Disorders
  4. J. Klein-Nulend and H. Smit, Mechanotransduction in Bone - Role of the Osteocyte Network
  5. T. Lekszycki, Bone Remodeling in Presence of Osteoporosis
  6. J. Litniewski et al., Assessment of a Trabecular Bone Status with High and Low Frequency Ultrasounds
  7. P. Niederer et al., Structural Aspects of Human Bone
  8. P. Prendergast et al. Experiment and Computation in Mechanobiology, with New Applications in Cardiology and Evolution
  9. A. Rachev, Introduction to Remodeling of Arteries
  10. G. Szczęsny et al., Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Bone Remodeling
  11. J.J. Telega and M. Stańczyk, Residual Stresses and Strains and Remodelling of Tissues