Proceedings of the Workshop on Ultrasound in Biomeasurements, Diagnostics and Therapy
Gdańsk-Sobieszewo, 7-9th September 2004

ABIOMED Lecture Notes 2
A. Nowicki, J. Litniewski
IPPT PAN, CoE ABIOMED, Warsaw 2004
182 pages
ISSN 1733-0874
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Excerpt from the Editor's foreword

The Workshop is a part of the activity of the Centre of Excellence ABIOMED (Applied Biomedical Modelling and Diagnostics), organized within the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission - Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources.

The main aim of the Workshop is to be an open field for the discussion of recent research and developments in medical ultrasounds.

16 original lectures presented by distinguished scientists, active in medical ultrasounds were selected to be published in the Conference Proceedings covering the following topics:

  1. ultrasound elastography,
  2. time reversal acoustics,
  3. high frequency ultrasound for superficial tissue imaging,
  4. Doppler ultrasound,
  5. contrast agents,
  6. assesment of bone status,
  7. ultrasonic transducers,
  8. non-linear ultrasounds.